The Light


It’s very simple. It’s just the sun, and the sea, and the meeting of their energy. Magic, it is what I need to feel good.



When  you decide to take a breath, stop and follow your instict, you choose to be free, to go.

You might decide to leave for a long trip, to exotic destinations, to travel for many days or you just want to escape…ANYWHERE!

When you finally decide to leave,  the sceneries opening into your mind are yours, not for anyone else, and you deeply breath the sense of freedom, and peace.

Open your mind and take a break.

Travel, and enjoy.



far away, so close


the sea, the sky, the open horizon. I took THE BREAK.


now the time can pass slowly, it could even stop. Nothing else matters

it’s just you, time is just for yourself.

The power of a place.  Of The Place.


Few impressions from Tuscany, Castiglioncello, Livorno


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