Mediterranean light, the colour of my soul

Just few words, as the emotions are too many.

I simply feel lucky and grateful. For the place where I live, the things I do, for my work.


Being a travel specialist and consultant I have the chance to travel, discover, understand, know.

These are fundamental things in my life.

And when I travel along Italian coasts  as today, I feel even more lucky, I feel as I had a gift, and I need to share it with people, to do as much as I can to let this dream continue.

I was in Camogli, Liguria, very close to Genoa, where it has been held the yearly big celebration dedicated to fish and fishermen, the Fish Feast lasting for more than 60 years in the small cosy harbour of Camogli.


The colours today were just perfect: the blue sky and sea, the pinky buildings facades, the green of pinewoods leaning on the sea, and then of course the sun and its light.

While thousands of people crowded the village, and the big frying pan waited to start working, I had a stroll in the city centre, along the seaside, and enjoyed the athmosphere. People, people, people, and shops, restaurants, hotels….. a very busy day in Camogli, but the city looked anyway beautiful.


I skipped the lines ogf people waiting for the fish, and decided to have it later, then took a boat ride to St. Fruttuoso, a corner of paradise in Liguria coast. St. Fruttuoso is an abbey whose origins date back to 10th century, a small pearl overlooking the sea, framed by woods, an oasis for meditation and peace…not today of course!


I can hardly describe the colour of the sea: turquoise, light blue, deep blue, emerald…….nature perfection…DSC08364



Back in Camogli after this dive into history and beauty, I finally had the fried fish! Delicious with a cold beer on the harbour docks……

A fantastic day, made of very simple things. This is what I need. Sea, light, nature, history……not easy to combine all in a perfect frame….but sometimes it happens…….the magic of Italy!


pictures and text by Rosanna Capitani – all rights reserved


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