end of the year, what I leave, what I find, what I dream!

For sure I leave an year full of beautiful images, memories of places I visited, I re-discovered, I made mine.

I leave an hard year for most of the people on Earth, an year opening a discussion on the future, on the kind of future we will be able to build for our children, and the future is now. What we do now is the challenge and the basis for the future.

Travelling has been, as always, part of the dream, part of the beautiful moments, as I think for everybody.

So what I find here, now, is the strenght of my memories, the power of dreams came true, the hope of dreams coming out now.  

What I find is also the beautiful land I live in, the magic Tuscany still keeping its original features, its beauty and its life style. And for sure, this is what I will have in the future. Too much love for this land by its people to allow any deep change in landscapes and mentality. And I think at this point this is very good.

As a traveller, I had the chance to go abroad in the last year, but not as much as I wanted: so my dream is to start travelling more again, and to share my experiences with you.

As a woman, my dream is to see  changes in women lives in the places where human rights are not respected, not to talk about women’s rights.

My dreams are really a lot, so 2011 won’t be enough. It will be just another step forward…….Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

text and photos by Rosanna Capitani

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