Antiques market in Lucca, relaxing Sunday!

As a traveller willing to discover the world, connect with people, be always up-to-date in what’s going on, fashion trends, life style, and so on, living in a city as Lucca could sound a contradiction.

Well, this is not exact. The walled city centre of my town is a pearl of beauty, a perfect conservation of what was, and still will be, as long as moving a single piece of stone is harder than talk to the Pope (it’s an Italian way of saying something really hard to obtain). But still, from the past and history comes inspiration, creativity, trends….

The great past, the alluring present: the perfect mix you find in Lucca centre every third week-end of the month when there is an extraordinary Antiques market going on.

In the last years, the market has grown its importance to a national level, with lots of visitors from abroad as well:  furniture, jewellery, books, vintage stuff, everything recovered from old Tuscan villas……really a world in the centre of the city…..and if you have the chance to visit it on a sunny day….well then it’s really a perfect day!

Walking from Piazza Napoleone, to Piazza San Giovanni, and then to San Martino (cathedral) squares it’s a deep dive into past, fantasy, creativity: where could I put that sofa? Or hang that painting? or wear that funky hat?

I usually visit most important Antiques and Vintage market (Amsterdam and London’s, for instance) every year, and nevertheless, I still like my city market everytime I go there. It’s the athmosphere, it’s the perfect frame of the show provided by city beauty and shape.

So never tired of this market! And even if my feeling for house furniture and style is contemporary and not Antique, I still find funny and funky things to buy, not mentioning what I find in the jewelleries stalls…….!

The day has gone very quickly in the day starting count down for Spring!

So, just wait for next month market: will you join me???????



8 thoughts on “Antiques market in Lucca, relaxing Sunday!

  1. Ciao! Conosco Lucca molto bene, ho abitato in Toscana per molti anni. Soprattutto ricordo uno storico ristorante, da Giulio (si può fare pubblicità?) che faceva ottime zuppe e minestre. Esiste sempre?
    Un caro saluto a te e a Lucca.

  2. Is this market every Sunday??
    We just bought a vacation rental in Crrasciana and will be there in June and don’t want to miss the market.

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