a winter afternoon in Lucca city centre: just relax!

Yesterday  I finally took some time for myself, and decided to have a walk in Lucca with my kid and some friends.

I wanted to visit “Mito e Bellezza” exhibition, intersting for me and my friends for the number of Hermes foulards, and of course for the military uniform of Napoleon’s armies. History and fashion, in a fantastic athomosphere!

Well, the day was fantastic, so before entering Palazzo Ducale to visit the exhibition, we pamperded ourselves with a special “marocco” coffee, nothing to do with Maroc, just a delicious mix of coffee, chocolate, milk foam…… the cold day made us, adult women!, feeling less guilty!!!!!!!!!!

The exhibition is really fantastic, worth to come from anywhere and visit it! Be awared that it closes at 6 p.m.: the first time I went there I was not the only one to be disappointed of seeing door closing at 5.55 pm…..so especially if you come from another city, check your schedule. And there’s not ticket to pay!

Here you find a gallery of pictures I took yesterday, and a couple of video here, sorry for bad quality, but it was just to give you an idea!

Lucca was part of Napoleon story, as long as his sister Elisa married with a man from Lucca, and lived here for a while. Before her arrival from France, the city was a little bit modified in order to meet with a France “grandeur” taste: the only few signs of changement in the urban panorama for centuries! Anyway the only gothic church we had was demolished to make more space, most of the canals were covered to avoid smell, and some other few things were done. Basicly the city still looks medioeval in most of its city centre.

Grandeur or not, Lucca has a perfect ambient. For a woman walking around safely, for kids, playing in its squares around monument in the open air, for people willing to relax.

For sure it does’t offer fun and nightlife, but you can find it on the coast at 10 mins drive.

Mito e Bellezza will be open until April 11th! So if you plan an Easter holiday in Tuscany you will have the chance to visit the exhibition. Need travel advice? check www.eliotropica.com or send an email to info@eliotropica.com!



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