Trips for Women, now 2.0!

Eliotropica goes back to its original shape: travel advice for travellers, enterprises, public and private institutions, depriving off the “tour operator” label.
But the will to travel and to know the world doesn’t stop, and it seems that our friends and customers also don’t want to stop!
Our tours for women go on, but we change the organization procedure, envolving you in the choice of the destinations, travelling time, accommodation, extra services.   
And I will do more: I dare to tell you, for each trip, which will be the costs for our “personal traveller”, the main part of the trip cost, being our groups very small…..and in fact you will know our mark up….because trips will be “social”, but eliotropica still has to survive!!!!!!!!!   

So you will know the exact amount, and you will be awared that the more you are the less you pay. So sharing info on trips on social network will increase the chance to have more people and reduce your costs.
For sure, eliotropica will professionally support you in choosing flights, personally selected accommodation, events.
The world communicates with new languages, people who travel know them very well, and you can’t help using facebook, twitter and social network in general: this is the way we will built together our travelling dreams…

You can post your comments, travel diaries, photos, videos, everything you would like to share on this blog, and we will post here polls  in order to decide together about our next trips, so start following us …!

this is the first poll for a february trip:

Let’s start planning now!!!!!!!!!
Save this dates: march Ancient Cammelias of Lucca
april: Rome
may: Florence
Provence and Camargue for Gipsy celebration together with Italian travellers


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