the South of Tuscany, the heart and the sun!

I haven’t finished to write the post telling the story about my last winter trip on Montagna Pistoiese yet, and again I feel like an impulse to write.

costa degli Etruschi


I am travelling from Lucca downwards along Tuscany coast, it’s a long time I don’t do this by train. Despite annoying and stressing Italian train delays, this line is really fantastic, because the landscape is fantastic.

I’ve been travelling this way for years, going to visit my grannies in Grosseto and to visit other grannies in Salerno, in the very South of Italy.

This is beauty for me: fields of golden wheat plantations, pinewoods, rocky bays, and the sea. Some foreigners define it “ocean”, but really this is not. This is our Mediterranean sea, with its unique plants, colours, coast shapes. And sun rays position make this particular point of Tyrrenian coast incredibly appealing, fashinating me despite I know this places for years, every time I see these images, from a train, a sailing boat, or driving by car, it’s an emotion.

This is maybe the Tuscany I love more. Of course I really love Lucca, the city I live in, but my roots are close to the Southern part of Tuscany, and I feel them stronger than ever now.

Well, the pinewoods are running parallel to my train, I am now getting back to Lucca. We passed S. Vincenzo (now quite glamour because of nobile Italian and Uk families staying here), but a former minegold  workers village…, then we approach Cecina, very crowded holidays resort, whose hills are more interesting than its beaches (too crowded!), and then we head to  Quercianella, Castiglioncello, my favourite seaside resort in Tuscany. A little glamourous, a bit vintage, enourmously appealing for the quality of sea waters, rocky and sandy beaches, night life, fish and seafood restaurants direclty on the beach………………..

difficult to resist!

difficult to think about working, studing, or attending daily duties when at 30 mins driving from my city I have all this!

……………… be continued – the heart and the sun of Tuscany


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2 thoughts on “the South of Tuscany, the heart and the sun!

    1. thanks Alexandra, in fact I wrote the post while travelling on a train…I guess it’s full of mistakes but I didn’t want to correct it…….you know English it’s not my mother tongue, I use it because anybody could understand…forgetting my mistakes! but it’s more spontaneous

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