enjoying autumn in Tuscany….

…….despite all world economic and political problems, despite the fear we could feel thinking about the future, the sun is still high here in Tuscany, and this makes us feel better and hopeful.

Autumn still has summer temperatures, we can still enjoy outdoor activities, discover or re-discover our traditions, share experiences with people from all over the world

last week-end I was, as every year this month, at “Boccaccesca” in Certaldo, the food and wine exhibition taking place in the charming village of Certaldo, Boccaccio place of birth.

food&wine were of course really great, going around in the streets was so nice, especially because we went there in the morning: starting from the afternoon the were floods of people arriving, and very long lines at the ticket counter. If you arrive in the morning you enjoy the event at its best

I bought “prosciutto di cinta” a special kind of ham made with “cinta” porks, cheeses, truffles, mushrooms, tasted different wines and olive oils, a variety of cakes, including “cannolo siciliano”, the typical cake from Sicily, this year partner of the event.

there were also kids playgrounds and special areas, traditional medioeval games, cooking workshops….

life sometimes is really simple, just a group of friends, good food and wine, a sunny day can make the difference. And gives the strenght to keep on dreaming……


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