Happy New Year

Welcome in 2008, a new year bringing us great expectations and hope, carrying on projects, developing idea, friendships, relations in general.
As every year we expect to be better than the last one, Italian would never forget Leopardi’s “Dialogo di un venditore di almanacchi e d’un passeggere” (Operette Morali, “Dialogue between a calendar seller and a passenger”), where the point is always the same: hoping that new year is better than the last ones….it’s a long quoting, just write me if you are interested in the dialogue…
I think that as far as we can live a new year, that’ s the greatest gift of life. Then we have hopes, wishes, projects that might be fulfilled or not, but that’s life.
I believe that as long as we do our best to get our goals, we live a life in peace, we provide love to people, we try to be connected with world sufference contributing, even for a little part, to improve other people conditions, well, that is a good life and a good year.
I am the kind of person who believe that is also very important to allow ourselves joyful days, something very good for our body and souls, enjoy life.
These are my wishes for 2008!

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